Attractio is the new mind-bending single player game from indie developer GameCoders Studios and Bandai Namco Entertainment. This fresh and innovative game will change your perception of physics and reality. Are you ready for Attractio?
Players will solve deadly physics-based puzzles using never-before-seen gadgets with gravity manipulation capacity, creating unexpected mechanics.
In 3275, humankind inhabits a big part of the Solar System. Planets and moons have independent governments. Deadly puzzles await for those willing to change their lives in the most watched tv show: Attractio. This show is broadcast live to the entire Solar System from the Entertainment Space station (ESS) orbiting Mars.
Dalek is a dangerous criminal, an inmate at the high security prison on Europa, Jupiter’s moon. If he wins, he will get his freedom back.
Keir is from the suburbs of the South Sector on Earth. He is a worker in a local assembly plant. He wants the big monetary prize.
Mia is a proud Martian from Eunostos, a very rough region of Mars. She is a member of the Special Forces in the Eunostos Police Department. She wants the advanced-technology prize.